1st Work Meeting Of The User Group

Document for the development and not for the drawer – pragmatic use of software architectures Leipzig, 28 April 2011: The key success factor of each major software system is its architecture. You determined, among other things, whether the requirements placed on a system, which cost the system can be developed, as fails the maintainability and adaptability, which costs for development and operation of the system. In and outside of the company there are many stakeholders, formulate the demands on the system and its architecture. The architect has the task to reconcile these claims as much as possible and to meet the requirements of management as well as possible with the system and software architecture. This is a very demanding task that requires not only expertise, but in particular also creativity, pronounced communication and conflict resolution skills. In addition, that the possibilities for the design of technical solutions is grown on a virtually endless supply.

Themselves up to keep permanent about the latest developments and to select the best solution for the own systems it is a real challenge for every IT architects. From 30 to 31 May 2011, take 16, 04103 Leipzig is in the Conference rooms of the Leipzig GmbH software forums) held the first meeting of this working group. Theme focuses on the documentation of software architectures this time at the request of many participants. Three lectures deal with are from different perspectives, also the Volkswagen AG in a practice report presents the own application and system architectures and their management. A real exchange of experience among the participants provide large blocks of discussion and an interactive workshop on the second day of the event. The lectures: * Dr. Stefan Malich: documenting software architectures: principles, standards and tools * Dr. Jens Knodel (Fraunhofer IESE): documenting the development and not for the Research scene and show best practices. Is aimed at technical and senior management moderated Exchange in the industry and promoted.

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