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The future is not about more technology. It’s about processed information as knowledge. If history witnessed the sad division between rich and poor nations, the future may portend the separation between those who know and those who do not know. No company would survive if it depended on genius for administration. You need to be […]

Valencia Venezuela

You may have a large amount of information stored in the mind. To prepare, examine some data but you might find it unrelated to the problem of marketing. Discuss them. Check the connections between pieces of information that apparently was not are connected. Write in a notebook of key issues. (Our mind holds the written […]

Crisis Management: Be Proactive and Also Reactive ?

In the business activity mistakes are inevitable, what matters is how we respond to hellos.Memos also written that no company is exempt from needing a management crisis. There are only two types of companies: those who have gone through a crisis and those who soon will be, without a dudes.When a company is not ready […]

Improving Sales on the Network

Why can I not get sales through the network? It is not easy to sell on the net. Furthermore sure you put on to sell around the world without a real working system. Steps to get you started on the right foot and bandages on the Internet: “First you should discuss who needs what you […]

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