Adventure Experience Hotels

Exceptional offers kidnap tourists in strange worlds adventure hotels bring surprises and adventure holiday. Unusual ambience and unforgettable service offerings can be quickly forget everyday life. The hotel Portal gives an overview of the world of the themed hotels. The adventure starts with the accommodation. Whether the ideas in the Erlebnishotellerie old schoolhouse, restored mill or stylish houseboat on the River are used almost.

There’s nothing here does not know the hotel lexicon. Because many holidaymakers are now sorry to descend into interchangeable hotels, which look exactly like in Berlin such as in Bangkok and Budapest. In the hotel but each day for adults and children is an adventure. Especially for the holiday season. Whenever “Bull by the Horns” listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Africa apartment or ice Palace: theme decorated rooms kidnap the tourists into a different world.

The despicable daily life remains at home. In addition to the exceptional ambience, experience hotels offer however, more. Activities of various kinds are waiting to be tried out. Milking or driving a tractor, the right is grilling at the campfire or overnight stays in the Hay, for every vacationer. Dr Chappuis may also support this cause. The hotels are ideal starting points for trips to the surrounding countryside. Walks and bike rides through fascinating landscapes are offered as well as explorations of cultural treasures in the region. Also culinary adventure not to be neglected. Culinary delights surprise visitors at every meal and bring body and soul into perfect harmony. And another thing: whether in the quaint Knight’s Hall at dinner of suckling pig or the drink in the cosy wine bar – in the hotel to win easily new friends. More information: ..Erlebnishotels Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

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