Aesthetic Hairdressing

You would define how it? Escrbelo now, at least of the way comes that you to the mind. It does not have so that to be perfect. It tries to make this small exercise. People such as Kenneth R. Feinberg would likely agree. It is important that you identify, you separate and you structure the different areas from business within your company. It is here where it is the power of this approach. We are going to see, independent of the type of business in that you are, would agree to you to reconstruct it by business areas, and to separately organize each of those areas of businesses, whenever he is possible and viable for your business.

Lee kindly what comes next, qudate with the idea who I share here with you, and try to evaluate, with the abierta mind or and of being possible implying to your equipment she helps so that you in the process, to what extent you can or she agrees to apply this strategy to you of reconstruction. In order to be able to fulfill in order this article better, we take the example from a company that is dedicated to the formation (they could be infinities of examples, and your goal is to evaluate if your company, could assume this strategy or not). However, within the field of the formation, they could also be infinities of companies, from driving schools, to professional formation in different sectors. Nevertheless, so that the subject is more comfortable explicarte to me from today, I will take real and recent example of one of my clients of continuous consultant’s office. One of the companies of this client, is an Academy of Aesthetic Hairdressing salon and. In agreement? This client commented to me: Jordys, we have necessity to harness the academy, what we can do? Next I asked to him: which are different " Areas of Negocio" of the Academy? That is to say, At the present time, which are the product products or packages or services, the concepts by which ENTER the MONEY; by that your clients objectives pay? Then, 5 types of courses were determined, between initial formation and recycling, that at the moment commercialized These 5 types of courses, is the 5 areas of business, by where the money enters.

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