Artists Ruslan Tsrimova

Why is that? – I can not say for sure, there is a God or not. After all, no one returned from another world and not talking about meetings with him. However, if it exists, would like to represent in front of him, frankly, that to do good deeds, someone is helped by our sinful world. – Which of local artists, well you knew, you think is the most talented? – Artists Ruslan Tsrimova, Hamid Sovkueva, Anatoly Zhilova, Anatoly Margusheva, Galina Park. Graphics Zaur Bgazhnokova still in Maikop have a great schedule – Felix Petuvash.

Very interesting work from the artist-jeweler Fatima Hajiyeva. – Mukhadin Ismailovich, art note in your work fusion of different styles, techniques. They say that you already have their followers. And how would you determine your own creative style, artistic style? – And did. I do not consider myself to any any movement, the direction in art. I just write the picture as I see them. And I think this is the best – at no looking back.

I do not want to repeat myself and, much more than others. Here is an example – in my childhood I heard on the radio artist Babochkin read fairy tales for children. And he did voice his kinogeroya Chapaev. And I somehow thought it funny – Chapaev reads fairy tales! Do not try to repeat and repeat one, you should always look for new ways in art. – Thank you for this interview, we also congratulate you on your birthday and further creative success to you! PS I should mention about an unusual new business card, which left us in the editorial Mukhadin Kishev. He made it on the advice of Mukhadin Candwr who once saw the morning on the bar of his friend in his 70 years of making "sun." Who knows – it's rotating in a complete revolution in his outstretched hands on the bar. So on business cards and captures the artist. As mentioned character of a famous Soviet film, "may it not a feat, but there was something heroic in this is."

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