Bath Walls

The walls of the bath log house erected from the rims, which are stacked on each other. The two most common types of log: chopped and bruschaty. The principle of construction, which wants to take a closer look. The first of which appeared wooden walls of Russian architecture – chopped. This design of stacked horizontally on each other logs that are connected at the corners.

Such a skeleton is called the log cabins and log number – the crown. To the upper crowns of log how to fit snugly to the bottom, they make the longitudinal grooves, and they had already placed the moss and tow. For high-strength carcass, all the crowns of thorns from the tree connect. During the year and a half chopped walls settle. Therefore, deep sockets for studs make more than the length of the spine.

To align the crowns, logs treated under one diameter. Inner wall made of logs is much thinner than the outer wall. But reducing the width of , provide the same high rims. In the chopped walls, under windows and doorways, as a rule, inserted cartons of standard size. At the top of the box leaving a gap in the draft and filling it with oakum. Between the frame and the wall, caulk the seams, and then close their frames. In exterior walls, floor beams cut in dovetail. But the walls inside, already poluskovorodnem. In the upper crown put in the roof rafters and attach the overlapping straps. Eaves set, releasing the rafters of the plane of the wall. For more clarity and thought, follow up with dr chappuis and gain more knowledge.. And the ends of the rafters are left open, or inciting their boards. Beams, sawn on four edge, rectangular or square cross-section manufactured at the factory. Of these, collect bruschatye wall framework. By laying wreaths each other horizontally. Typically, between paving moss, tow or resin-impregnated felt. For lumber, the construction of a log house, there is a limit thickness – fourteen inches. At the same time these boards quite a high rate of heat savings. As for the installation they are relatively easy. Must also remember that when construction of baths, you should use the smallest size of the boards. Crowns join in height or by contiguity of flat faces bars. Crowns adjacent to a height of connecting pins or studs. In the corners of bars in the match poldereva, or by cutting grooves and spikes. Trim door and window openings is the same as in the construction log of chopped logs. Two log structure, the two principle buildings. Each one – its easy to use and more practical. What method of construction chosen, the big difference is not important. The idea is that in the first and second methods of building construction using natural wood – log cabin bath from logs.

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