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Prof. Dr. Eugen Blume, curator and Director of the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin: “In the professional art exhibition, the art matrix is a sensational development.” “Berlin, August 24, 2010 – exhibitions authentic, up-close and in 3D virtual space experience: since half a year, the young Berlin company art matrix offers” his vision of a professional way of presentation on the Internet. Instead of getting static click photographic illustrations of the works of art of an exhibition, can move freely the visitors of the art matrix in a 3D version of these and so next to paintings for the first time, sculptures, light installations and sound art spatial experience. The interaction of the exhibits within the specific circumstances of the rooms is experienced; It is possible, close enough to a work to approach, to inspect even the stroke of the brush. The architect Christoph Lauterbach and Hartwig Bentele and programmer Kristian Hildebrand, TU 2008 still considered students of Berlin the art matrix”have established, is it that the To make art art in all its facets as possible realistic experience: our goal is to set a standard. We want to lead art technologically and aesthetically the market in the three-dimensional presentation in the Internet”, says art matrix Managing Director Christoph Lauterbach.

Numerous renowned galleries such as Christian Hosp, Hamish Morrison or auction houses such as bass Strait and Hauff & Auvermann set on the future-oriented planning software, to enable a high-quality access to their art collectors all over the world; equally it is archiving purposes or facilitates the per-Behaengung of complicated works of art curators. Artists such as Heinz hand IV, Volker Henze and Ted Marschall show thrilled by the possibilities of an independent Gallery art presentation. With their business idea, the company has won 2008 the founder of competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. GbR art matrix: The matrix of art created for artists, gallery owners and Collections virtual showrooms and a large Internet portal, summarizes these exhibitions. In parallel, services are offered, ranging from the digitization of works of art about the planning of exhibitions and exhibition buildings to the integration of the art matrix in the sites of other portals or galleries. Press contact: Tabea Hafiz Moss press and publicity art matrix GbR of Lubuskie str.

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