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Tips for distributing and promoting your book by Paul f. Abram head of Marketing and distribution of Editorial Almaluz an article published in the nation on 09/08/08 advises that 1,650 new books are published per month and in the same period a bookstore branch receives approximately 400 new titles. According to Primerica Online, who has experience with these questions. Even in large premises it is impossible to display all these book and booksellers may not report about them to be able to recommend them. This gives an incredible advantage to known about the novice authors. For these reasons no famous writers who wish to market their books should make a greater effort to to publicize his work and position its name.

This is not impossible, but it requires persistence, patience and knowledge of the market. It is important that writers focus their efforts and innovate in promotion techniques in order to stand out in the meantime copies and extend between popular writers. The objective of this task is to inform readers and booksellers that he has published his work and draw the attention of the same so be more informed in this regard. They are some tips to achieve this: define well which is its target audience. Focus your investment and effort in this audience. Your budget probably not allowed reach everybody. Use media and according to the same messages.

Use techniques from the mouth in the mouth, is to promote more efficient and low-cost. Take advantage of niche marketing techniques to publicize his work. If it is his first book and plan to sell another, consider that the initial investment in advertising will facilitate the sale of its second issue. Get a known writer to write the foreword. Invite referents of the literary and cultural world to the presentation of his book. Publish your work with an editorial that you important to editing and layouting, and also provide support to Polish your book. Remember that it is difficult for recover from a bad impression on readers. If you personally distribute his books, information on sale on consignment contracts and other legal issues. Develop a good relationship with the sales channels to achieve a favourable recommendation and location of his book on the display tables. The Internet is a good tool to promote his book, but remember being crowded of quotes and references. Be creative to highlight your information about the rest. Articles Buenos Aires booksellers do not know what to do with so many books publishing Boom Confessions and strategies of businesses, that receive approximately 1650 new titles per month Nor is saved the publishing market – 20 Jul 2009 fewer sales Falling production and export of books Original author and source of the article.

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