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If you walk by any street of your city you will see different and varied types of businesses. But as you approach the centric zone but of the city, the Downtown, the businesses, in their majority, are with better aspect, better presentation, made facades but and generally, but ample and varied stock. Aesthetic and the image applied establishes a well-known difference, they better show them presented/displayed in view of the public. The great factories, the great chains, the great marks, settle in the centric zones, that are simultaneously, the most expensive zones. Generally they look for to obtain more affluence of public as far as quality and amount, that is to say, not only tries to seduce or to attract greater number of people, but also they try to catch to those of major spending power. It is a zone of greater traffic and it favors them to this. But, for which reason Don Jose, that it has a store in a district, does not install its business in the centric zone to obtain better gains? answer is obvious: Because the investment that would need to settle there is much greater and it is not to his reach, so that Don Jose must be satisfied to its business of district. This does not mean that it cannot prosper and at some time to be able to install his business in the centric zone; but that would be at another moment and if the things go to him very well; so far its reality is the one that is living. However Pedro, that has money much more to invest in a business, if the taste can occur right in the center to install a business and until choosing the site that pleases to him more As well as a noticeable difference between a business and another one exists, also the income of both businesses are well different, because the gains of a business directly are related to the initial investment.

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