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You can talk to the owner of the business directly and rent you a space for your business, offering to pay a monthly rent and a small commission on the sale of products, virtually any business owner agreed to have extra income for a space that already had. Leaving on consignment with established businesses. It is similar to above, but will not pay the monthly shelf, but pay a commission to the owner of the business, this commission would be higher than in the previous case. For this form of marketing, must take special care in contrasting inventories of what is left on consignment at each business. Once the business owner see that their product is easily offset can start selling directly, instead of leaving on consignment. Classified ads.

Whether that uses the classified ads in your local newspaper or one of the many that exist online, you can sell your product in this way. Your own website. This is one of my favorite ways to sell, since it costs almost nothing to have an online store. You can sell locally, nationally or internationally in this way, depending on the product or service you are marketing. Exhibitions. In some cities, bazaars and exhibitions are organized at various times, the rented space at some of them can be a great way to publicize your product.

Make sure you have brochures, flyers, business cards on hand, so that people who visit your booth to contact you later. Demonstrations. This type of sale is very popular, mainly housewives, in which a housewife invites her friends and family in exchange for gifts for her, these shows always come good sales and the opportunity to get more shows. For commission. In almost any industry there are vendors who sell on commission, for example you sell decorative candles, place a notice which requests a portfolio suited commissions with customers, vendors reach you probably already handled merchandise other gifts with an established portfolio and whether their product is a line they can offer more without disturbing those already managing, gladly accept, because they generate more money with a client who nevertheless had to visit. Through conferences. If you are a specialist in any subject, so you can give lectures or training to groups of people and after the seminar to sell tools, books, consulting services or any other good or service related to the conference that just given. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to sell almost any goods or services without spending thousands of dollars in the attempt. Do not forget customer service and ethics in business This allows you to grow on strong bases.

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