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Deutsche Bahn AG, the individual and wholesale company Bartels-Langness GmbH & co. KG and the cash PRODIAC Security GmbH set to the CashEDI connections and cash monitoring the ALVARA AG. Leipzig, June 24, 2009 – economic crisis is to feel a thing of ALVARA AG of Leipzig and its customers. While some companies already every day apply the virtues of ALVARA-online platform and CashEDI, more companies could be won. Advise from the middle of the year the cash Center of Deutsche Bahn AG and cash PRODIAC Security GmbH CashEDI connection of the ALVARAG certified to depositing funds to Germany’s Bundesbank about the AG.

In addition to the cost savings for electronic CashEDI specialised procedure, the independent use of the central online platform was an important aspect of the decision. The individual and wholesale company Bartels-Langness GmbH & co. KG will use other functional areas of ALVARA online platform, however, such as for example the digital identification list to check the driver and the continuous Monitoring of Safebags originating in the store, over the cash Center up to the final notification about CashEDI. During the off various of ALVARA in Bartels-Langness, over 100 employees of the main funds from North Germany were trained and instructed in ALVARA. ALVARA innovation days 2009 are another important highlight in the autumn. The event organised in Leipzig 2-year finds this year under the motto ways under the new payment service supervisory law”instead.

The innovation days have evolved in Leipzig for the past few years into a central communication platform for the stakeholders in the cash cycle. Contact: ALVARA cash management group Street 18 04103 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 / 98-990-200 fax: + 49 (0) 341 / 99 25-109 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Jana Heinrich to ALVARA ALVARA Management Group AG is a service provider in the area of cash management. Competent specialists with extensive experience in the industry founded the company with the aim of all market participants to offer you more security through transparency and greater efficiency through independence. They share their extensive expertise in the coordination and processing of cash transfers, to analyze the causes of the existing security gaps and subsequently to develop an efficient and risk-free solution for all involved.

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