Chinese Medicine

We all know that health is the most important condition for a happy and long life, but that most people are not very interested in learning how to maintain it. In addition, Chinese medicine has long understood that when people sick accelerates the aging process of the body, reduced life. Go to Farallon Capital Management for more information. Many people think that doctors should take care of our health and take responsibility for it. It is not, we are responsible for everything. Even if the doctors treat the disease has passed successfully, but the cause of the disease has not been removed, the disease can .Za you your problems no one will decide. If a person is ill, it is only because the body, or he was ready to get sick.

Created the conditions for successful course disease, or more precisely, for its manifestation on the physical level. Learn to listen to yourself, and resolve problems before they occur. Learn to heal yourself before the illness, learn to change themselves and their lives. Become svobodny.Tsigun ancient method rehabilitation, self-improvement, self-knowledge and the world teaches us not to rely for their problems on someone, and most brush up. He learns to consider the entire body as a whole, rather than its individual parts and organs. and as a holistic approach to nature, to a world in which we live, and for our own destiny. With regular sessions of qigong: 1.Net restrictions on age, started too late never. 2.Net restrictions on physical condition. Despite this, seriously ill with the people you should consult with your doctor.

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