The greatest of all condottieri Bartolomeo Colleoni is considered, which is famous as the commander of land forces of Venice. Colleoni was a native of Bergamo and, incidentally, before he was hired by the Venetians, he managed to make war against them in the service of Milan. It is now part of the military from one state to another is called 'cheating', but in the Middle Ages it was common practice. Condottieri fought because no idea, but for income, and In addition, the captain of the mercenaries condottieri paying from his personal pocket. By the way, Condottieri tried not to kill their enemies, and capture them in captivity, only to get a ransom. This circumstance greatly resented by Machiavelli, considering his work in 'The Emperor', which the soldiers Condottieri much inferior to his own army. Condottieri really turned the war into a kind of art. Very often they tried to do to finish the battle without firing a shot, forcing the enemy to surrender by skillful maneuvering.

We return to the Colleoni. In the service of Venice, Colleoni was able to expand its mainland Ownership is about six times, and that he was obliged to Venice huge mainland Veneto region, which supplied food to the Republic, and also provides free shuttle service to Europe, arriving from the East. A strong navy at sea and a strong professional army led by the gallant and brave Colleoni on land secured in the 15th century heyday of the Venetian Republic. Since 1454 Colleoni became General Captain of the republic. That Colleoni in 1437 won at Milan Bergamo Visconti.

Colleoni also credited with the first massive use of artillery during the battle. It happened in 1467 at the Battle of Molineli. The Knights, who despised at the time the gun, and opposed Colleoni, artillery had not. In this battle of Colleoni was a detachment of 100 men, but the Knights were more than 600. Battle of Molineli has fundamentally changed the strategy of war!!

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