To achieve real change, to develop our emotions in full, free and responsible, we must calm our walking, curb our movements in an authentic reflection. From here, from a place where it imposes a critique without prejudices, openly and without comparison is by way of metaphor where we will view our passage through this existence; We will look at as an impartial spectator, as a foreigner who observes a large imposing building. We imaginaremos that our walking, step by step built what we are, and our actions, our thoughts, our emotions are intermingled in this condensation. This way of being, exist, has nourished elements that we have incorporated how everyday, among these models take over the reality, we have inherited and acquired negative determinants, absolute thoughts that we treasure as if it were the only choice. This typecasting of our conscience must be disconnected, must return to be constructed, or should at least amend what has not been appropriate to achieve the breadth and fullness of our be. So far our construction has guided us to the exact place where we, every brick, every item that we choose as needed, both in the material as spiritually he has molded us with a particular sensitivity to feel the existence.

Surely in our choice of change, there will be some walls that only need paint, some Windows expand them, but in a noticeable change, will exist in us a wall that we will need to arm ourselves with courage and pull it down. Perhaps this wall reborn the next day, and will be our task again return to destroy, until in a surprising scene to our interior do not return or better said not let him return. Cultivate the positivism in us is continually resist negative, that flourishes in our patterns creating contaminated scenes of frustration. Cultivate positivism is to rebuild and build every day, and one day at a time our emotions, our actions and our way of thinking us and feel the world.

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