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You can even use the automatic ISO setting and see how the camera will expose the desired exposure. A large number of 'digital noise' Regardless of what kind of ISO value is set, most digital compact cameras mid-range face the problem of 'noise' on the long exposures. Noise is the result of small electric interference inherent in each electrical scheme. When weak light signals (like poorly lit object shooting) needed more long excerpt than usual. But longer stopper digital camera will open fact more electric noise will recorded. Obtained stick about two ends.

At increase ISO for Using short excerpts increase noises and arise other problems negatively influencing quality image. A under decreasing sensitivity values ISO excerpts become protracted. And how result together depicting written so called 'own noise' which at normal exposition not noticeable pictured. Limited dynamic range makes the situation worse is the fact that digital cameras have limited dynamic range. Image sensors are sensitive only to a certain range of brightness. All that is for the redistribution of this range, is recorded as pure white or black. This can lead to loss of detail in shadows or bright areas.

Solve the problem There are several ways to solve the described problems. Noise can be reduced through special programs. Some cameras have built-in noise suppression, but depending on the camera, this function does not always show the same good results. Therefore, before prefer a device with this feature, think carefully. On the market today are a lot of programs for processing images, as stand-alone applications and plug-ins, which are capable of work together with your favorite editor.

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