Financial Goals

We're done with the skills of goal setting. It was quite difficult, but interesting. And what about your financial goals? When I questioned his interlocutors about what they want, the usual answer: "I want to achieve financial freedom "or" I want to be rich "- it's good, right answers, but not deployed, are not complete. They should be more specific. If we are talking about "financial freedom", then immediately determined how much money we have receive from their investments, so she could replace our wages and allowed to live in his own pleasure, not working. For example, income $ 10 000 cherez 18 months.

If we say we want to become rich, then immediately have to give yourself report that for us these words mean. That is exactly what and at what price we have in this life get to feel rich. Maybe someone of you will agree and will even resist:-What is the use talk about financial goals if they are not feasible! Allow me to explain the importance of setting financial goals, using an example. Represents the state in which there is no budget. Ie Government does not know how much revenue it will not know how much costs incurred during the year, does not know how much money will be invested in building roads and hospitals in the country. You would want to live in a country? I think not.

A similar situation occurs and for you. Each of us knows roughly how much revenue will be received, how much money do I need to pay the bills for a month. Continue to learn more with: Dr Chappuis. There are also surprises: higher wages, vyigrash in Lotorev, payment dvidendov. All this only helps you become financial assurance. So the first thing you should do is decide on the specific figures for the next 5-10 years. Write a list of what you want and appreciate your desire for each item. Then fold it all and you have your financial goal. Source:

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