Francisco Santander

Remember the phrase “dear diary …”? information should be directed to your personal interest you must not copy content from the Internet and publish it as their own. You can publish information related not only with your own experiences, but with information related to your interests, their own opinions about news on other websites, etc. Virtually any subject can be. They should bring something new or presenting things “old” a novel way can be used to encompass a single page many resources associated with a single interest (autos, business, etc.) Publish technical information you a doctor? Engineer? Lawyer? you share your information? They need not be high traffic sites, should only have very specialized information not readily available in other sources, or your own works are more professional in text and not graphics, unless the page is a gallery of photos and they are essential to Everything is explain an issue that … Although all is said, not all have heard, not a bad thing to say it again … Nicholas Carr contributes greatly to this topic. Again I stress the need for the subject on which post is the most mastered.

This way you’re going to take seriously in the global community. Do it with an original approach itself, identify you, you have your personal signature. yQue services should have a page? You can offer entertainment Chat If you can offer free games, news, jokes, etc.. Connect with other leaders such as author here. You can offer measurement got speed at which the page or Internet connection for your users (with free pre-Java code on the Internet that are easy to install for the Webmaster) always tries to offer free products such as software If you, as Webmaster, upgrade often your page, provides registration, newsletter, etc. that allows to send e-mails to your users to tell them what you’ve added new Always give more than a simple product that you sell for people to want to return. Provides appropriate ads to your site’s theme. The advertising must not occupy more than 20% of visual space, is very sad examples of pages that have no content but unrelated advertisements.

Provides access to other search engines, commerce, services that are reliable and good quality. yHay way to earn extra money with the Web page without having to make sales? The answer is a resounding YES. Promoting affiliations free auction sites and earning commissions on sales through programs in which you give in your web space for advertising relevant to your topic. By publishing advertising banners. Through affiliate programs to secure e-mail lists for Fri consented to receive advertising e-mail. Web surfer and Webmaster future, I hope this information has served to orient yourself a little.

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