Fraud Prevention Tips Part II

Continuing the theme of corporate fraud by this means they sent this list contains the following: COMPILATION OF 50 METHODS USED IN Embezzlement Theft postage stamps and revenue stamps. Theft of goods, tools and other items of equipment. Ownership of small sums of cash funds, petty cash and the registers. Place in the petty cash vouchers or checks that date, with dates with dates advanced and backward. No record some sales of goods and pocketing the cash. Create Sobrantesa a in cash in cash and the registers, no register or registers less certain transaction.

Overdraw the accounts of expenses, fictitious expenses (mileage, entertainment expenses, etc.). Embezzling payments received from a client and replace them with subsequent payments of this or others. Appropriate payments from customers and issue a receipt on a piece of paper. Collect a delinquent account, borrow money and charge it to a cuentas incobrablesa . Charging an account and loaded cuentas incobrablesa and not report it.

Prove false claims of customers or returned goods. No daily deposit in banks or deposit only part of a sum received. Altering dates on deposit to cover payroll appropriations. Make deposits for amounts round trying to cover the missing at the end of the month. Show imaginary staff payrolls. Keeping employees on the payroll after the date of his dismissal. Distorting the calculations and the amounts of payroll. Destroy sales invoices. Altering sales invoices after handing a copy to the client. Unsubscribe sales invoices through false explanations.

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