Funny Stories From The Life Of Our Team

In the summer we worked in Moscow with the team. One night (I stayed home that day) husband came home and told a story that happened to sots.oprose. I got the idea to write it and even some cases from the practice of Our team on the ‘cold market.
Question hitter: – Tell me, in your environment, there are people who want to create or increase revenue? – E-uh! In May, surrounded by hypocrites Adney, abmanschiki, liars, paadhalimy. – Where are you work? – In restarannom business.

Camo Tatarian in a suit and tie, handing out leaflets on the street. For some time people watching him east of nationality (as it turned out – the Turks), too, in a suit and tie. Then fit and asks: – Tell me, young man, what you nationality? – Armenian, but what? – Hmm … The first time I’ve seen an Armenian, giving a handout! Another case occurred in Kamo on the leaflets. Came up to him grandmother hunched, with a stick. Says: – My son, what do you suggest? – Grandma, you do not need it.

– And why you decided? – Grandma, why do you? How old are you? – Son, I’m 82 years old. I’m going to live to 120 years. What do you think I do next 40 years? I want to do self-development, to earn money to travel. Tell me what you suggest. Do Kamo was dumb … This grandmother then came to the presentation. She has an incredibly shrill young voice and a clear mind. But the case for Marina. She handed out leaflets with the text: ‘Occupation of the XXI century’. Fits a woman takes a leaflet, and loudly so reads: – THE XXI CENTURY paid professions … This is a prostitute or something?

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