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The scale points out quite clear. Andalusia is the fourth autonomous community representing more weight in our country in which the franchise, as a successful business formula, refers. Does and is, according to mundoFranquicia consulting, the leading consultancy that has just announced the opening of his delegation in Seville in order to provide the best professionalized response to a sector on the rise (), 823 chains franchisers that there is in Spain? during 2009 they billed 19,635 billion euros and gave employment to 222.660 people? 148 are found in this community and are giving work to 22.157 people. Andalusia, after Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia, is the region that largest number of plants groups, says Mariano Alonso, founder and General Director Socio of mundoFranquicia consulting. Details can be found by clicking Dahua or emailing the administrator. Moreover, the consultant stresses that in Andalusia franchises operating in Spain have 11.043 points of sale.

In this community, according to our calculations, it concentrates the 17.9% of the total number of establishments that you integrate our franchises, which denotes the importance of the Andalusian market both for the flags how to entrepreneurs in the region who see in this formula an option for business expansion and business development, added Alonso. A figure which no doubt explains the arrival of mundoFranquicia consulting in Seville, which aims to strengthen and support this important sector in Andalusia. Undoubtedly the sector of the franchise in precise Andalusia of skilled and professional, consultative support within a region in which this business system offers a great tour in the coming years. These services are accurate for both potential franchisors and franchisees, especially for those who may be deemed the franchise as an output in the form of self-employment, explains Rafael Franco, head of the new Office of mundoFranquicia consulting in Seville in the context of crisis.

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