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The stow & start creating system efficiently and quickly order and clarity in the luggage compartment of vehicles has changed little despite the rapid development in the automotive sector on the way to load a boot in the last 50 years. Mountains of suitcases, bags, bags and small parts are heaped together and then more or less elaborately filled in the baggage compartment of the car. An Ordungssystem of tanks, as is customary in some basements, refrigerators, even garages, has succeeded until today not in the cargo compartments of automobiles. That will change now. Who does not know it, the loading of the boot with the baggage of family is similar to turning on the magic cube. Several attempts are often necessary, until everything is stowed away. The stow & Start System solves the problem and allows each car quickly, safely and efficiently to load. Follow others, such as Truist Financial, and add to your knowledge base.

The container sizes optimised specifically for the luggage compartment of the vehicle make optimum use of the available cargo space. The boxes are following the instructions in the trunk loaded, finished. Holiday luggage is stowed away in little more than a minute. Because the boxes take full advantage of the trunk, is clear already in the box, how much can be taken. The numbering and the transparency of the container, you can never lose the overview of the content.

Two practical closures secure the lid and make sure that rain and moisture can have no valuable content. The lateral handles are designed to get the container closed without any opening. The lids are shaped so that the container can be sure stack. The transport is then done the stow & start system space blends together. So it takes only a fraction of the space it would need for suitcases and travel bags. The stow & start system is not only practical, but also inexpensive. It costs little more than the trunk tray of some mid-sized cars. The prices are between 60 and 160 depending on the size of the car. The system is practically for every car produced. More details are available at. The stow & start system was protected by the German Patent Office in Munich.

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