Globalization In The Financial Market

Due to globalization and the necessity of a customer to be taken care of in diverse different places, the old scene of the financial institutions was modified. Some decades behind existed institutions that local mounted its structure without the concern with the expansion for other countries or the attendance its customers in other localities, therefore the financial scene allowed this reality since the globalization was not a commented subject or at least existed. With practically identical the banking services in all the institutions, the minimum factor that enchants the customer goes to make difference in the conquest of the market and will be remembered when the customer will have to choose its main bank or financial partner. The globalization and the easiness of the people in if dislocating for other places had been crucial points so that the banks came back its strategy toward the growth and the attendance its customers, exactly that these are of the other side of the planet. To take care of the necessities of the customers and leaves them cliente that its bank leaving does not go to be unprovided is a reality in the current days that was identified by the institutions and is being worked of form to conquer market. The lesser banks that do not possuam the expansion capacity or that if they had not worried about the new financial scene, had been losing space and being bought for the greaters or then closing its doors.

This new reality dried the financial institutions and caused that few lasted some nowadays that they fight between itself for the market. We can glimpse that it enters the private banks, exist five or six in the retail market that on the other hand searchs its space with more than the ten that they existed long ago. Not to toa, the ones that head ranking of this market are the ones that they possess greater number of agencies in Brazil, and obtain to also take care of its demand in other countries. Ahead of the globalization and the new scene of the financial market, it is clearly that the attendance to the customers and the installment of banking services, not only need to be constant concern between the banks that they desire to conquer its slice of market or to be leader in the segment where he is inserted, but local. The factors biggest number of agencies or agencies in the exterior can be crucial point in the determination of the institution that the customer goes to choose as its partner since the necessity of an attendance point is a reality in this market that possesss competing little with passing of the years.

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