Already as to be it is a type of being crdulo, it did not witness nothing, but on the basis of what it heard, in the certification of others, it formed an opinion, it believes that something of is determined form, and this happen-testified, receives for it the true and absolute status of. The conflict appears, when the first one to be, the rational, presencia an event that is contrary what as the being has as absolute truth, What is truth now? What it is ahead of the eyes, or what heard as certification? The words of Halbwachs (1990) complete this reasoning: ' ' if our impression can not only be supported on our souvenir, but also on the one of others, our confidence in the exactness of our mandate will be bigger, as if an experience was started, not only for the same person, but for several (p.25) ' '. The memory has the important work to collate the different points of view that exist inside of an individual. These points of view are important, therefore in the aid to see to observe and to remember. To see observing a present reality, the individual appeals to the certification of its previous experience and to the certification of that they indicate or they detach aspects to be observed, as well as, universes where to locate the observed one. The confrontation of certifications it is only possible because these have for bedding the dimensions of the time and the space.

The time slicing allows the constitution of a souvenir while such, and its distinction amongst other souvenirs in a memory chain. It is only possible to have this confrontation because the souvenirs are not confused between itself. It is as if duly they were labelled and divided in accordance with the time where they had occurred, and thus collated they can easily be incased ones in the others, as the parts of a break-head, and give thus body to the work of the memory.

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