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However, it is not all positive changes which makes auditing. With enough of vitality man expands the scope of their actions, which in turn brings a new communication, dating, and cooperation in various fields of life and business. And then it plays an important role, how to communicate people, how well he can understand others, how the people around them pleasant to communicate with him. And it will agree, important factors in achieving success. Auditing involves several important aspects of human capabilities and communication here is no exception. Was found that understanding, as such, consists of three components. 1.Obschenie Obviously, to be understanding, dialogue should be held as such. Fundrise is open to suggestions.

For example, when you start with someone to talk, you're having some common theme, and You support it. 2.Realnost. Reality is, by definition, is something with which there is consensus, or something with which you agree. For example, for some people is absolutely real, that money earned from work, and stable a small salary – it's the best situation. Correspondingly, the sum of his life. However, for another – the money – it's just an element of the game – he easily gets the amount that for a person from the previous example, seem inaccessible. This is an example of different realities in respect of the same aspect of life.

3.Affiniti. This word means a natural friendliness, location or attraction to a person, things, idea, etc. The word "affinity" is derived from French word affinite, which means "sympathy, kinship, community, intimacy, and also from the Latin affinis, which means" close, bordering on "If the communication has been achieved with respect to the reality of certain things, then this leads to the next component – affinity.

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