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Study hotel management in Switzerland is one of great dreams that comes with academic projects of many students and professionals in the world, lovers of this service sector dynamic, multicultural, where tourism and hotel management are privileged studies demand.Features and international approach to this profession are a cradle of professional cultivation in those countries of the world, where theory and practice are living simultaneously, studying in Switzerland is ideal because the country meets geographical, cultural, social and linguistic characteristics which themselves recreate the best school to learn in an immersion of culture and socializationthat can complement learning multiple languages that are spoken in Switzerland and will allow any student obtain maximum benefits personal, academic, and projection profesionalSuiza is one of those countries, where the world gathers to share and grow in a shared culture, in a mosaic enriched by the best of each resident immigrant with the natural exceptions that are wise and diligently repositioned by the policies of social reintegration of the Helvetic Confederation-. With these features and on preferential bases of a lifestyle social rich and emerging – with vision of sustainability in education and culture – study any modality of the field of tourism and hospitality, creates academic foundations of great global impact and professional projection. Attorney General does not necessarily agree. We perform a brief journey through the cultural and social elements that guarantee and corroborate this proposal towards educational multiculturalism and the implementation of studies in the field of the hospitality in Switzerland: Switzerland is recognized worldwide as a multicultural nation, because despite being a small country, has a great diversity of cultural and linguistic development, due to the growing number of foreign residents who are part of the Swiss population. It has three main linguistic areas which have developed their own culture, traditions, economy and gastronomy and certifies the official establishment of four national languages German, French, Italian and romance – and more than 21% of the population made up of foreign citizens.Switzerland, culturally, has an ethnic multicultural unique fusion in the heart of Europe.

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