Improving Internal Communication

Interpersonal relationships in a company can be injured when there is a fluid dialogue or cross-orders are given. Executives at command posts should be made know their employees who care for them. Do know people that cares for them. Meet with each Member of your team, your goals and specific aspirations. Talk to them about your life outside of work, especially situations that may be affecting your job performance. The more known to people, it is easier identify what motivates them.

This is one of the maxims which the Dale Carnegie Training, human resources consultant team outlined in a study that gives a series of keys and guidelines to improve internal communication and achieve better interpersonal relations within a company. Help people understand how their work fits into the goals of the company. It is natural to want to contribute and make a difference in your business. Is why that is so important for managers indicating clearly the way how each person on the team adds something to the total panorama. Explaining how each Member of the team helps in advance.

Increasing the confidence, added the report from the consultant. And adds the following recommendations: be genuine when you are developing a relationship. Communicate with sincerity. In this way, the other will discover their motivations more quickly. Accept others as they are. Do not try to change them. On the contrary, work on yourself. Once their attitudes and actions toward each other begin to change, the answers of the other toward you will also be different. Remember that a relationship is developed by two interested parties. Therefore, when it comes to a repair, it is also necessary that both parties involved. Then, does not intend to make the other the one to make all the changes. You must accept the responsibility that touches you in a relationship. A willingness to compromise in these situations is always a guarantee of solution.

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