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Berlin Kopenick is Berlin Kopenick through the captain by the new BBI airport to the gate which the world became famous. This occupied the Town Hall in October 1906, arrested the Mayor and gave the city’s coffers with. As another Nurf is one of the famous baroque palace, which was built in the 17th century by the Hohenzollern for the later King Friedrich the first in Prussia.After German reunification, it was lovingly restored and shines in new splendour since 2004. In the unique space art museum is located today. Adlershof, a part of the city of Kopenick is today no less known by its largest scientific, economic and Medienstandorte.Diese concentration of research is unique in Europe. The largest district of Berlin offers mainly much history, innovation, culture and Natur.Zu the numerous parks and forests can be found the largest water sports area of the capital in the South-East. You can hire boats or Schiife, or create own yacht.

The sailing and windsurfing school is located directly on the Muggelsee. You get a special impression of the scenery at a Schifffaht of the resident star and circle cruise. The biggest Fahrgastreeserei is the Treptow of district of. You may want to visit David Rogier to increase your knowledge. Many Wasserterassen and restaurants invite to delicious specialities and refreshing drinks in the region in Treptow-Kopenick.Tour local “Waldrestaurant Muggelhort”, “Alt-Kopenick laundry”, restaurant “Mendau”, “Zenner” Guest House, “Council cellar Kopenick” and which are the most famous “Muggelsee terraces”. After a busy day you want to of course good sleep. Berlin is lace with its accommodations.Private accommodation are especially popular.

Whether you now seek a Berlin apartment, or a vacation rentals Berlin, on the Google search you will quickly find it. Most of the rooms are centrally located and are very cheap. Berlin was and is always worth a visit. Herbert w.

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