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Antibodies in the germ of wheat grains cause deposits in the blood vessels of Zurich, October 29, 2009 – lectins (only a group of Defense substances) are proteins that our red blood cells clump together and make the intestinal wall permeable. The lectins with the germ are largely disconnected when white flour. Lectins are retained in full grain. They are heat-stable. This wheat Lectin is suspected, to promote a number of diseases. In several animal studies, it resulted in deposits in the blood vessels and stunted growth. It damages the intestinal mucosa and increase the pancreas. Because this Lectin is permeable wall of the intestine, it is considered very questionable (inflammatory bowel disease, forms of rheumatism and allergies).

Any grain contains also: phytin and enzyme inhibitors. These phytin and enzymes affect our digestion, so that we can never fully take advantage of all the nutrients. During the baking heat, minerals are resolved and changed (also, phosphates, which are present in the outer layers). This phosphate be solved completely in the stomach and it is phosphoric acid formed from it. The body is massive descaling through this process. It develops osteoporosis! The strength (transformed into paste by heating, cooking or baking) can be digested in the mouth by Ptyalin. This thickness can be changed little with saliva.

Still fat, spices or sugar is added to the bread the strength can not be placed in the simple form of sugar. And the non transformed starched paste is not changed in the stomach (In the stomach, there are no Ptyalin). Three important enzymes are added to digestion in the duodenum. The grain strength fabrics modified by heat (sugars) can be not so easily and go into the portal vein circulation. They are a very strong burden on the liver. All sugars (from grain foods) that incorrectly have been converted during digestion, will reach into the large intestine (approximately 12 Hours they stay there) and are then eliminated through the rectum. “When are still starchy” is located in the large intestine, so going over there in fermentation and moved to carbon dioxide and alcohol (constipation). Heated change also proteins and fats, and are only partially decomposed in the stomach. Intestinal putrefaction is created. From these heated minerals, gout deposits form in the feet and hands (bread gout). This bread gout can occur only when the eating of bread from the full grain. For these reasons, the people welcomed back then (last century) the patent milling produced the pure white flour. The gout patients declined. By the movement of whole wheat bread this disease has gained back weight. Press contact: Eva Schatz (by Brown) Universitatsstrasse CH-8033 Zurich

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