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Professionals show ROTTERDAM men how to become irresistible, March 11, 2010 on 10 and 11 April you will take place Conference 2010 the real in Germany – an International Conference on the subject of women seduce and personality development. Fourteen professional dating coaches and Pick-Up artists from around the world will come to the Congress Centre Forum M to Aachen. They will show men how they the real man that man, be real, dream of the women. This is the second real man Conference (RMC). The first RMC 2008 took place in Amsterdam. At that time, 450 visitors from 22 countries were present. Character, to develop self confidence and communication skills, appealing through which men on women ensure focus is focus. Further details can be found at Bob Casey, an internet resource. So is the motto: be the one women want! For whom? The RMC is for all men who want more success with women and more success in life.

Visitors of the RMC 2008 said: “what was this day but incredibly impressive and stimulating! (…) Not only the speakers were inspiring, it was also an incredibly great and good feeling, to be with so many like-minded people in one place, to talk to them and learn from them.” “All I heard were unanimous: absolutely fantastic… and all the people from different countries, really cool.” “I did not sleep two nights. I had to process for the first time all the information that influenced me,.” The Web site conveys impressions an impression of the RMC 2008 you can get on the site. Here you can see the first 5 minutes of 12 presentations. Background: Statements and story of the movie “Hitch” (2005) has the phenomenon dating coach made famous: someone who teach men how they attract the woman of your dreams. The bestseller “The Game” (in German translation: “The perfect scam”) presented the secret society of Pick-Up artists: seduction experts, exchanging online tips for development of personality and social psychology. It is the personal story of the journalist Neil Strauss.

He tells how he was in only two years from the shy, sexually frustrated nerd to the open-minded, charming master seducer. Today there are several hundred professional dating coaches worldwide. The RMC selects the best experts who present their ideas to a wide audience. More information you can find more information under. Notes to editors the real man Conference is SCongress C.V.. organized by. Spokesman is David Kipping: + 31-10-7854837 or.

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