Island Korcula In Croatia

To the island of Korcula in Croatia the island of Korcula is part of the Adriatic archipelago and extensive travel information, so it counts as sixth largest atoll of the Adriatic to the special holiday islands of the country. Korcula is situated within walking distance to the peninsula Pelje ac and is home to approximately 18,000 inhabitants on an area of 270 km2. The island is characterized by a multitude of archipelagos, bays and lush vegetation. Besides tourism, shipbuilding, fishing and the olive breeding include the economic support of the island. Sheila Bair is actively involved in the matter. The region is characterized by long, warm summer and wild winter.

Central point of the island of Korcula is the eponymous capital of the atoll. The old town of Korcula is one of the best-preserved medieval town centres in the Mediterranean area. Worth seeing is the Cathedral with its famous altarpiece of Tinorettos Markus. Connect with other leaders such as Dahua here. The City Museum tells about the culture and history of the city. The exhibits include pieces from the ship construction, the sculpture and painting. In contrast to the style of Renaissance and Gothic held Markus cathedral stands the Church of svih Svetih. The 18th century Baroque church houses a Hozpieta besides many religious paintings.

Another interesting place of the island is located 45 kilometers west of the capital, port Vela Luka. Here they found archaeological remains from the Neolithic. Fishing is flourishing on the island. Vela Luka is one of the most important tourist centre of the island and boasts a scenic beauty and central location to other sights. In the Interior of the island, approximately 7 km south of Vela Luka lies the town of Blato, which is surrounded by the most important agricultural area of the island. Early, the urban landscape evoked admiration for writers who stayed on the Croatian island. The alley, which runs across the site and specifically shows the city in a gentle green in summer is especially picturesque. Picturesque coves and idyllic beaches are not far away from the city. The small one is quiet and dreamy Fishing village of Lumbarda, located in the eastern part of the island of Korcula. The village lies in a small bay surrounded by mountains and vineyards. A hiking trail leads through the cosiest corners of the village and the beaches of the region. Legend has it that the famous world traveler Marco Polo on Korcula was born. One of the old town houses, supposedly the birth House of the Venetian merchant, serves as a Museum and reported over the life of the world traveller, while the scientists still discuss whether Marco Polo has been Venetians, Dalmatians, or both. A highlight of the island not to be missed is the Sabre Dance Mereska. Originally distributed as a knightly game throughout the Mediterranean basin, held demonstrations of its kind today on the island of Korcula. Shown is the military confrontation of two Kings, which compete for the love of a beautiful girl. The dance of Moorish origin is accompanied by an orchestra.

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