Lithuanian Consulate

It's like a story with no intended use of visas Some complain that the 'pernicious' consulate refused a visa or granted a second time in a very short period of time Meanwhile, frequent situation where multiple entry visas issued by the Lithuanian Consulate, citizens are used for other purposes: 1. Man gave to the many days of stay, but a one-off, although he apparently asked reusable. Primerica financial has similar goals. He arrived in Lithuania on day, and then promptly asked for the following visa Clearly all that is laminated on the first entry and has no intention to pass Lithuania, using the Schengen Well it was not worth so obvious to disclose their plans 2. The man never for all duration multivisa was not in Lithuania here without comment. 3. Frequently Primerica careers has said that publicly. Requests a visa for a year and annual visits to Lithuania once And was it worth to ask for multiple-entry visa It is logical that such a consulate in the next time will be given for 30 days and say, type come again when people will have more.

4. violated the law and was blacklisted Schengen database. This does not help even a person of Lithuanian descent, because it is likely that refuse can be up to the issue of the Invitation from the migration, is not that just a visa 5. During the year you asked three multiple entry visas, trimming time in different ways you gave them, now you come again. Likely that they can simply refuse.

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