Managemental And Financial Aspects Of The Administration In Latin America

Management and Financial aspects of the Administration in Latin America For: Amaury Jose Bonatto The Region understood for the countries of Latin America, since the parents more to the North of Latin America, Mexico ties the South with Argentina and Chile, very possess peculiar characteristics how much to the management of business-oriented organizations. Especially, had the experience lived for the author, how much the organization of the financial and administrative aspects, but Inter always related with the human and cultural aspects. The objective of this article and to evidence important points for organizations is Brazilian or Multinationals, in the administration of the affiliated ones spread by the countries, in special in the biggest commercial and industrial centers of the region BARK, namely/Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. 2. Economy and Statisticians 2.1? The Economy of the mentioned countries above has a very great dependence of the developed blocks, North America, Europe and Asia, being always very influenced by the problems macro economic occurrences in the developed world. Examples are innumerable: crisis of Asia in 1995, Russia in 1998, world-wide crisis of 2008, etc. The effect are felt in all the countries, affecting the local development, with serious consequences on the businesses. We can analyze the picture below with the crescimentos? GDP? of each parents and to intercalate with the world-wide crises.

Moreover, we can analyze the evolution for parents depending on a still very important factor in countries of the region, that is, you influence politics in the development of the economy. Gross domestic product of Latin America (Current Values – US$ Billions) Latin American countries, of behind economic development, form some could be armored against the economic crisis, therefore they are dependent countries of the imperialistas economies.

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