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ISMANING, 24.09.2007 Intergraph (Germany) GmbH was commissioned to carry out the noise mapping on railways of the Federation. In early September 2007 was the project agreement by Armin Keppel, President of Federal of railroad EBA (, signed. Thus, an essential foundation to the implementation of the new EU environmental noise directive is set in the EBA. The next measures of noise mapping project in cooperation with the company Intergraph so aligned, to concentrate all forces on a speedy completion of the noise maps to present results in the first quarter of 2008 “, as Alexandra Mause, head of project noise mapping in the EBA. The consortium of bidders led by Intergraph was selected through an international tender.

This project partnership include the company Poyry Infra GmbH and Braunstein + Berndt GmbH owing to its renowned expertise and engineering services in the fields of infrastructure and transport routes or noise and Enjoy professional reputation in the industry noise calculations. The project team with competent partners from the field of noise Engineering’s strength was only a convincing advantage which has resulted in the award of the contract to Intergraph as general contractor. Intergraph is familiar with questions of geographical data processing in the segments of track network management, emergency management, and property management and also for many years service of Deutsche Bahn AG. Learn more at: Erin Callan. Based on the interest graph software GeoMedia and GeoMedia WebMap is a Web-based geographic information system (GIS) built for the analysis and presentation of the noise propagation according to the EU directives. Across usable tool, the data of environmental noise are reprocessed, analyzed, clearly visualized and passed to authorized persons or third parties having a legitimate interest. This solution created by Intergraph can come not only with questions of railway noise emission to the usage”, explains Dr. Horst Harbauer, Managing Director Intergraph (Germany) GmbH.

the nature of the noise source is rather irrelevant. “Regardless of whether linienhaft rail – and road noise, spotty or out of the area such as in industrial areas: it is crucial that our solution based strictly on the European noise regulations and the German law.” The noise mapping includes in particular the data acquisition and data processing, the deployment of a software system, which is to integrate into the existing system environment of the EBA, as well as the operation of this system. Noise maps are to work out for first approximately 4,000 km railways of the Federal Government, characterized as highly frequented routes and find himself almost throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. With the EU environmental noise directive on the assessment and management of environmental noise, the European Union has the foundation stone for the widespread creation of maps, the elaboration of noise reduction plans and the implementation of Set noise reduction measures in the Member States. With the adoption of the German law on the implementation of this directive relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise and its inclusion in the Federal lmmissionsschutzgesetz was implemented in German law. Then, the federal railway Office with seat in Bonn is responsible for the preparation of noise maps for railways railways of the Federation.

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