Masters Annual Meeting

The master is today operational Manager in the production. He coordinates working groups and teams and decisively pushing solutions of tasks in its area. A challenging work environment requires flexible behavior and attitudes to the human and professional tasks in production, in the conduct of the staff and in the performance of his duties, planning, organizational and economic of the master. Everyone can work, but not everyone can lead. What really matters in the leadership as a master, is that also a wise human coordination is done by the master next to a precise coordination of operational processes. Here, the masters annual meeting on the 21 22.01.2013 is a reliable forum which practical is the master at his problems to the side and with the workshops and his subjects for his master everyday life offers a useful expansion of experience and quality, solution-oriented assistance. This Symposium offers eight workshops with themes from the practice in two days: master master unpleasant leadership Current status of the innovations in the OSH – (safety/hazardous materials/workplaces) argue in stressful situations be master in the arguing! Addiction risks in the operation / instruction scheduled maintenance – a means to reduce costs, output increase turnaround times reduce the operational safety regulation 7, para 1, no. 1 & 2 versus machinery directive and CE – Declaration of conformity – between faith and inspection master of stress Mastery: so right control stress, prevent burn-out and develop a climate of performance practice so organized the master himself, its employees and its work processes of cross-industry experience illuminates the function image of the master. Interested in detailed information under: W-H020-01-150-3.html Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man

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