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That helped convince me that everything is illusory and impermanent, as proposed by the Buddhist philosophy. It was a great lesson in life that helped me develop my inner strength and move forward as a spiritual seeker. FOURTH SEMESTER This semester I studied him very calmly, savoring each messangers and work done. I must confess that in that quiet, had a cargo of nostalgia, because it would close half the learning cycle crucial in my life. Attending the IV Mexican Congress of Holistic Education, for this semester helped me to make a synthesis of everything learned in the Masters. It was unclear how that Dr.

Gallegos Nava, is promoting an educational practice of knowledge, teaching and learning that enables the construction of personality from the recognition and reaffirmation of spirituality. In this regard, I can understand why Dr. Gallegos Nava, calls for holistic education “Pedagogy of Universal Love.” I am convinced that the phrase “Humanity Needs Education“, not only is the slogan of the congress, but a real and urgent proposal to guide us towards solving the new needs and dilemmas of emerging societies. I understand clearly that the holistic education as pedagogy of universal love is the only valid proposal and prospective emergent is current conflicts the interocular direct the learner towards a transformation focused on achieving a more comprehensive and evolution of consciousness and to see life as a whole. This vision is for me a banner and has been strongly reflected in me, because this way, as a holistic educator, I can make a commitment to meet my educational practice, the multidimensional of my students and update them not only the intellectual aspect and physical but also emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual. One thing I was glad to know at this conference was the way in which spirituality is permeating business and how you’re moving from a business perspective, materialistic, dehumanized, enslaving and competitive in a new way of doing business where ethics and integrity are the lever used by investors to create conscious and socially responsible companies. I understood the importance of any area in which we operate, we must take action to establish learning communities to create the ideal environment where holistic vision to flow into a common purpose. I understand the importance of learning communities is that they allow for an integrated work.

For example, a business school or working under this premise, may develop different policies to enable their members to generate a sustained sense of belonging in spirituality. This integrative work will contribute to each of the community members make up a process of evolution of consciousness. From this arises the commitment, flexibility, dialogue, complementarity, etc.. to gradually move from a thought from first to second grade, as proposed by Ken Wilber in his theory of Spiral Dynamics and achieve the ideal vision that emerged both as for the task. As far as I’m concerned, I have the commitment as a human being belonging to a single web of life, to implement these approaches wherever I find myself playing a role.

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