Money Smart

Having the money saved on the mattress besides being a practice very ancient, is dangerous and also nothing intelligent. If we want to be people active in the economy and manage our money wisely, we have to do is inquire about different ways of caring for our money so that it is used correctly. One of the options to use your money well is keep it in bank accounts, where you’ll have your money away from any danger that could happen in your House increases due to interest, is important to mention that these interests are very low and inflation is much higher at the end of the year to what is gained with the interests. Another option is to have mutual funds, first capital that are willing to invest in the Fund, is then required to contact a casa de bolsa and finally will have to wait a while to get back capital invested more money that was generated with time is decided; at the end you will have much more money investment funds are without a doubt the best way to do grow the money, is located in a safe, regulated by law and best of all is that there are funds that guarantee you that will return you your money, so you don’t have to worry about the uncertainty..

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