Nationalistic Environment

In the speech of Villa-Wolf we notice the nationalistic environment where he is inserted, where the valuation of the Native land is a crucial point, as it places the teacher when it points exactly with respect to itself as an enthusiastic patriot, capable to be useful for its country, through its art. The national art highly is valued by Villa-Wolf (not obstante to be a possessing people, undisputedly, of best dons of the supreme art). The nationalistic rise is the biggest argument that Villa-Wolf uses to reach its objective. Villa-Wolf kept a position of prominence in the education of Sings Orfenico of the country, cited in diverse didactic books of Sings Orfenico, as for example, the workmanship Slight knowledge of Music and Sings Orfenico, come back toward 1 series of the ginasial course, of Elisa Maria Milk Freitas in the year of 1941 that it points Villa-Wolf as: (.) one of the biggest glories of national music, that one that, according to Alberto Nepomuceno, found the key of true Brazilian music, whereas it finds only the door, we must therefore the definitive organization of the ORFEO, in the capital of Brazil, of an only orfeo that will have, later, to join in one alone choir all the Brazilian voices for, under one only and same orientation, to learn to sing the largenesses of the Native land and to know singing defends and glorifies for the honest and intelligent work, thus fulfilling, the commitment dictated for Roquette Young chicken and signed by all the orfeonistas: I PROMISE OF HEART TO SERVE? ART, SO THAT BRAZIL CAN, IN the FUTURE, TO WORK SINGING grifos in the original (FREITAS, 1941, P.18) Villa-Wolf is pointed as a national glory. To only sing, is not necessary, is important that musics in agreement point the author, is glorified by the honest and intelligent work.

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