Object Process

" The duality of parts does not mean that only two people have to act like such in the process, one in the position of actor and another one in demanded the one of but in each one of the positions a part unique, but complex will exist several subjects forming, then just we will speak of litisconsorcio. 7 Although the process (.) usually it is developed with the scheme of a subject in each one of the two positions of part (.) are not infrequent the assumptions in that one or both positions are integrated by several subjects. 8 However, around each one of the parts demanded or demanded can be placed a plurality of interdependent people legally to each other; it is worth to say, in a judicial process can exist plaintiffs or several demanded independent, but integrated by fiction like part Object of litisconsorcio litisconsorcio for being an institution of procedural nature according to ALZAMORA VALDEZ has a double object: 1. – To reunite several causes so that smaller activity and minors are judged with expenses (procedural economy); 2. – To assure a relation uniforms and to avoid contradictory resolutions. This figure is originated generally in the same demand, but can also arise during the process, in case of accumulation of office ordered by the Court; by death of one of the parts that are replaced by their heirs; by intervention of a third party in the procedural relation; or by the intervention of counterclaim that includes/understands and one talks about to the actor and others. 9 Requisite procedural of litisconsorcio Supporting us in the words of ALZAMORA VALDEZ, indicates to us that so that litisconsorcio takes place certain requirements must be fulfilled procedural: a) That the relations between the participants are regulated within the same class of the process; and b) That the procedural budgets of capacity of the parts and competition of the jurisdictional organ concur. .

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