On Saturdays

Parents came from work and sweeping our arts to cheer. At all school Komsomol gatherings with tea all the saliva and proceeded asked to repeat what we bring with Ljerka at this time. In Nakhodka, we did not go. They were taught to cook, and we wanted to confectioners. And the pampering it was for me.

As well as English. And about that, and I decided about something else – it may be normal and interesting hobby in life, but the medicine – this is serious, fundamental and can not be at the amateur level. Click Peter Schneider Primerica to learn more. So I went to study in honey, a hairdresser and Lera. Our passion for her baking is still alive. At the holidays we had both continue to bake cakes yourself by not buying what is sold in stores. Then there was a restructuring of empty shelves in stores and twisting housewives in terms of cooking the soup of the ax. As at the time I dreamed of to make out good products, prepare the recipes from Burda (remember, it is true because !?!).

I then 'supported' their hobby – English – and corresponded with his family from the USA, they sent me a bunch of magazines for housewives. God, what a delightful recipes were there! As I dreamed that someday I'll be able to cook all this yummy! Itself at this time to crazy and unconsciousness baked bread and rolls. Flour and milk had a lot of sacks and trehlitrovkami, from my mother-city woman who went to the famine years of eating closer to village. I was baking on Wednesday and Saturday. On Saturdays, baked muffins and more. Guests were drawn 'to smell' with words from the doorway: "We are not late?" And here is the long-awaited happiness – every day walk to restaurants, bear it with a super high quality products, try new recipes, share experiences! Beautiful! It was difficult, because absolutely no sales experience. But I helped to gather in a pile and start trading with confidence, not only here, all these funny little things that are clearly indicate that the dream came true idiot, but higher medical education. It is, education is really fundamental. At least for those who dream about medicine, about how to be a good doctor and takes the institute the maximum that can be taken there. Then there was a lot more. Besides the fact that I grew up as a product specialist, a specialist in confectionery and cooking, as a specialist in sales, I grew up in the CEO and owner. That is, to manage something, to successfully manage, I also learned a lot. There was a time when I believed that you can sell or operate only with what is parsed and anywhere else it is impossible to become successful. Then it's gone. I just I know that a good salesman and a good manager is successful anywhere. I tested it on himself. It works 🙂 So what I'm all this? And besides, if you want something, you take the trouble to clarify to himself – but what exactly do you want? it looks like, what do you want? And it may surprise a different place. Maybe, like me – well, sort of, okay, okay, I like it. Or maybe not, maybe then it turns out that this is not the result you expected. Now you're waiting for something? You know what it is? You can ask for help to me – with more fun and quicker to understand your dreams and desires to get out to the road that will lead you to your dream.

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