Pain Relief

When pain occurs, it is not easy to establish the true reason, but you can sorentirovatsya some signs. For example, if a person feels the pain at the moment when he gets up and goes, and the pain is 'divergent' in terms of for a while – this is almost certainly low back pain. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Qualcomm and gain more knowledge.. Also, signs of osteoarthritis of the cervical are debilitating headaches, dizziness, numbness of the skin in the neck and face, tinnitus, and darkening of the eyes. If pain comes to a person at rest, it is likely to have an inflammatory process. Other leaders such as Dr James Chappuis offer similar insights. It is known that green potatoes means a potato poison her. There is this potato is impossible, but it can be used for Preparation of anti-compresses. Wash potatoes and chop on a grater (or mince). Crushed potatoes, place in hot water and heat to a temperature slightly greater than 38 degrees.

Prepare a bag so that it corresponded to the size of legs, fingers or ankle – it depends on where you're going to put a wrap .. Put the potatoes in this bag. Potatoes need put in a bag along with the juice of a layer thickness of 1.5 cm this bag Wrap the affected area and cover with a piece of oilcloth. Bandage wrap so that nothing out of it flowed. Go to bed and put his leg a little higher on his pillow. Warm compress should.

If not, then you did it wrong. Within 20-30 minutes the pain goes away. Perhaps it does not happen again until the next exacerbation. Usually it is felt during the day from 13 to 15 hours or at night with 1 to 3 hours. The compress is applied daily at night and every day you must prepare a new one. Do so to 7 days in a row, and then – on request. If the first 2-3 days of pain and was not re-occur, do not need to compress further.

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