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Now, a new Internet platform for prosumers is available at. The prosumer is not only buyers, but also provides information to improve the products. Users are prosumers. American Writer has similar goals. The term invented by Alvin Toffler in the year 1980 of the prosumers (Orginalbegriff: prosumer) producer and consumer is composed of the words. Some contend that Peter Schiff shows great expertise in this. As shown in the example of the open-source movement, the customer becomes the co-designer of the products and services. He is not only buyers, but also provides information to improve the products. The prerequisite for registration at the idea exchange of prosumers is the willingness to engage as demanding prosumer and thus as a “Leading User”. Of course, it may be beneficial if it brings in a specialist area of expertise.

But often are also the simple ideas quite as awesome and can be rewarded with an attractive cash premium. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Rogier offers on the topic.. Prosumers is therefore not only a platform for scientists, engineers, designers, Specialists and students. Any normal consumer or prosumer better is also invited to introduce his ideas – for product improvements or new products – and to earn money. It is left to any ideas how he represents his ideas as a contribution. He can present his idea already very detailed or just the basics. It is also allowed already published ideas with a contribution to develop. Purpose of the contribution should be to win the interest of companies for his idea.

Companies who want to be successful in the future, must be even more based on the customer’s wishes. You must listen to the wisdom of the market. Some companies only use customer creativity and customer knowledge for success. In the book of Wikinomics, BMW, IBM, LEGO, NIKE and PROCTER & GAMBLE are mentioned as an example. The prosumer as customer has a distinct advantage over the consumer: the shaping of the product is positively challenging the prosumers and the result is an optimized for the market and users Product. In the future all companies must take account of this paradigm shift in customer behavior, and product development. Prosumers provides a professional way to implement but also suggestions for improvement by the entry of new product ideas. Herbert Scheuerer

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