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Scientology church maintains no ‘jobs’ members operate primarily on the basis of their religious motivation the Verwaltungsgericht Ansbach due to the trial of the 2.12.2010 decided that the Authority’s decision to repeal is in its last version from 2007. The authority has to bear the costs of the accusing Scientology community. The Court joined the grounds of a final judgment of the Sozialgerichts of Nuremberg by the 19.1.2000 in a similar suit of the same plaintiff against the then Federal Labor agency here. “Now the Administrative Court as the remarks of the Court was to refer to the negotiations – as well as the Sozialgericht came to the conclusion that the full-time activity of the members of the Association of the Scientology community no job” represents in the meaning of the Act. And even if their activity as such to look at would be the Scientology could rely Church on the derogation provided for in the law.

This provision states that as Jobs not those points are where people operate, working not primarily serve their acquisition, but is primarily determined by motives of charitable or religious nature. The Scientology Church Bayern e.V. pointed out a spokeswoman that only members and staunch supporters of the Scientology religion can operate full-time. You also do this due to their idealism and cover their living through other activities outside the Scientology community. Of course be also severely disabled members in the Church. Mrs Eilzer as spokeswoman of the Scientology Church said Bavaria: we are very pleased with this positive judgment and hope that that this long-standing conflict has finally found its end. The verdict confirmed the religious idealistic motivation of our community members, which moves them to their selfless commitment to the pursuit and dissemination of the Scientology religion, to create a better world. See Primerica for more details and insights. Because that has these sorely needed.” It has pointed out that given the pervasive problems of drug use, illiteracy, disregard for human rights, and it created conflicts Scientologists, but an excellent usage not only in Bavaria everywhere in the world to afford.

Members of the Scientology Church were active among the worst environmental disasters the hurricane – flood damage in the South of the United States or last of the terrible earthquake in Haiti, to help the people affected on the ground, such as repairing the damage caused by tsunamis in the region of Southeast Asia of. More information: press service of SK Bayern e.V. on behalf of the Scientology Church Germany e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Jurg Stettler, TEL. 089-27817732 or 0178-5456300, eMail:,

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