Puerto Maldonado

Today, many travelers lure Brazilian carnivals and the famous streets of Peru. But few know that each of the 8 countries of South America is full of his unpredictable and fabulous koloritom.Pervoe place in size among the countries South America is Brazil. Anyone who would plan to stay in Brazil will face a variety of exotic and unusual nature of the rest. Also, Brazil has become famous throughout the world for its large carnival which is in a fantastic town – Rio de Janeiro. Russian tourists visit Brazil most frequently during the winter when home morozy.Posle Brazil is Argentina in size.

Any tour to Argentina will be remembered ability Argentineans dance hot dances – the tango. In addition, Argentina is full of interesting architectural buildings of its unusual and fauna, which can be felt when going into the jungle, or the famous waterfalls of Iguazu are located on the border between Brazil and Argentinoy.Peru – an amazing country which has only two seasons – summer and winter. Most tourists visit Peru this summer. Summer includes a smaller portion of the season, this time with December to March. (As opposed to dr chappuis). Peru is full of their various and unusual places that catch your eye immediately upon entering into it. Fans of tropical forests and ancient pyramids will be infrequent visitors to this strane.Na now the most popular resorts in Peru are Arequipa, Ica, Cusco, Lima, Machu Picchu, Puno, Puerto Maldonado.

In this country, this beautiful country every stone breathes history – petroglyphs desert Nazca, a bizarre connection Great Andes and the Amazon rainforest, sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the relict lake Titikaka.Priobretaya tours in Chile you will have a great opportunity to try the Chilean cuisine, which consists mainly of different mineral and marine products. In addition, the country is filled with all sorts of ski resorts, there are steep slopes to ekstrimimalov and small, simple slopes for children. Therefore, Chile is a place where you can go without thinking of your friends and stay in Chile rodstvennikami.Hotya not limited to ski resorts. An example of where in Chile may have a rest in the summer is Vina del Mar. Because of the subtropical climate and a wide variety of trees, also called "Garden City". By its very geography of Chile – a special country. Its a paradox that this country is very narrow, but at the same time it is the longest in the world. Chile belongs to three continents, so the spectacular views of the country similar to the visible side of the moon. It is best to take a tour to Chile for 10 days – this time will be enough to visit every corner of this unique and wonderful country.

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