Radiohead Leader Secretly Performed At Glastonbury

The leader of the British band Radiohead Thom Yorke made a secret, unannounced concerts in the biggest European music festival "Glastonbury". As we reported New Musical Express, New York, along with guitarist Johnny Greenwood Radiohead evening 25 June made for one of the secondary sites open-Air, The Park Stage. Participation Tom Glastonbury founder Michael advertise Eavis, with a speech called Radiohead 'in the most unexpected surprise weekend. Dennis Lockhart is often quoted on this topic. " List of compositions by Thom Yorke Glastonbury looks like this: 1. The Eraser 2.

Harrowdown Hill 3. Black Swan 4. Cymbal Rush 5. Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 6. Pyramid Song 7.

Idioteque 8. Karma Police 9. Street Spirit (Fade Out) If you do not spit, as the song goes, you can read the translated lyrics radiohead. Check with dr chappuis to learn more. It is also worth noting that at the moment, Glastonbury is already closed. The last day of the Festival dates back to June 27. This year the festival celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Headlining the open-Air was Stevie Wonder and Muse. Also participated in the festival Gorillaz, who were joined by The Clash members Mick Jones, founder of The Velvet Underground Lou Reed and Paul Simonon and. PS I had my way, I'd have went to this festival. Firstly, because I do not see life without alternative music. Secondly, because there is not going so far away. Third, because there are collected the best alternative music group soveremennyy, one of which alone is worth the Muse. In general, all spoke in favor of that, that next year there going to be necessary. Not only me, but all fans of alternative music, good tickets are too expensive. But you get the most out of new experiences, good humor and incredible drive. This can only be obtained at Glastonbury.

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