For a long time, I have a programmed trip to Gij? n that implies the rent to me of a car. Now that approaches the date I have begun to look for in the Web, companies that facilitate the car rental to me in Gij? n. For my surprise, I have decided to fix me to the requirements request that me to be able to realise this car rental in Gij? n. It aims in case tambi needs to you? n: – To have an m? nimo of antig? age in the driver’s license – Documentaci? n in force, v? lida and original – Age m? nima of 23 a? you, although following the company and of the car of rent in Gij? n that chooses can ask to me that a even has 26? you. Rick Yune is actively involved in the matter. – Not to have had m? s of two accidents with gives? own you or other people’s superiors to a certain amount of money. – That in? ltimo a? or the driver’s license has retired me to neither have fined me or stopped to lead under the effects of the alcohol or another type of drugs. The truth, is that all these sections can change following the company that chooses finally to realise the car rental in Gij? n. Sap? ace that exist? an these requirements to be able to realise the rent of car?.

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