Table Deck

Scotch craft Tip: do it yourself a covered table not only beautiful plates, fancy cutlery and fine glasses, but also cloth napkins and matching napkin rings include napkin rings. These must be not always silver. With simple means, also still shortly before the guests arrive, you can conjure decorative napkin rings yourself. And the best part – all craft items that already exist in every household mostly: empty toilet paper roll, beautiful paper and, if necessary, decorative pebbles and the glue stick from Scotch and double-sided tape. First cut into strips the empty toilet paper roll, where everyone can decide for themselves, the napkin rings should be as wide. Now the cardboard ring with the double-sided tape and attach the selected decorative paper, which ideally extends over the edge of the cardboard, and handled. The already finished napkin ring decorating with decoration materials. The Scotch glue stick use, with all embellishments that match the covered table, easily the rings can be attached..

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