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March Companies

Already, a record number of participants recorded many German medium-sized companies under the magnifying glass taken recently again launched annual study SMEs-ECG of the Munich-based management consultancy candidus after only a week. Already more than one hundred German medium-sized companies have undergone analysis your company online. Participation is possible until the end of January. We […]

Abu Dhabi Expansion

Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth Fund is named ‘Aabar Investments PJSC’ is reportedly planning to expand its stake in Daimler AG. The participation will be extended to around 15%, currently Aabar holds a stake of nearly 9.1%. Khadem Abdulla Al Qubaisi, the Chairman of the sovereign wealth funds, said of the speculation as follows: we think […]

BIOSYS United States

German companies in the United States, part IV: microbiology, pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical research offer huge opportunities for companies, especially in the United States. German companies in the United States, part IV: microbiology, pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical research offer huge opportunities for companies, especially in the United States. The German company BIOSYS GmbH provides these areas with […]

Liquidity RKW

With the RKW Hessen out Eschborn, January 21, 2010 – due to the financial and economic crisis more and more companies from insolvency or inability to pay are threatened. Many get so in a difficult and threatening situation. To prevent further bankruptcies, Hesse encourages therefore the crisis and restructuring of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). […]

Managing Director

Temporary employment guarantees flexibility and rapid employee recruitment – temporary staffing industry growth for months unbroken Berlin/Dusseldorf, November 19, 2010 – temporary work provides 79 percent of family entrepreneurs that use this instrument for more flexibility and the faster acquisition of new employees. However, only 16 per cent by the time work want to achieve […]

HP Toner Rebuild Trade Ordered Via The Online Shop

HP toner rebuild ordered by the Office supplies online shop HP toner rebuild with this conceptualization owner of printers can order toner, based on the basis of Refil. Above all the Office supplies online shop also HP toner rebuild available that are compatible. Compatibility refers to ensuring that this HP toner rebuild both copiers and […]

Raw Material Rearview Mirror KW27

Look on the market of last week had the last week to provide light and shade for commodity investors. Part was the weekly return double-digit negative. The best development was however lean pork with a week development of 7.02 percent. The precious metal prices mainly eased in the course of the week. Army Chief of […]

Leipzig Companies

“3. Commerzbank company run of the sports maker on June 9th at the ARENA in Leipzig ambiguous and even a little provocative the slogan with which the Agency sounds the makers of sports” as organizer of the Commerzbank of companies run wrestle to attention. The Leipzig economy runs! “, is the message that might sound […]

Customers Range

So, the company cooperates with renowned architects and developed stylish fire furniture in elegant, minimalist look. TermTech the Danish ALLROUNDER for stoves combines an extremely scarce costing the Danish company TermTech aesthetics, quality and efficiency. So are stoves, which offer the ultimate in environmentally-friendly warmth and comfort even price-conscious families. In addition, TermTech range includes […]


Calculated for this plant is a ventilation heat requirement (see formula page 2) = 3000 m3/h 0.36 kWh / = (m3 ) (K) 25 K = 27 kW (for both units so 54 kW total power) total 432 kWh/day. About 86000 kWh or approximately 10000 litres are fuel oil per year with 200 days of […]

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