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Certification Is Most Important

For each manufacturer is extremely important among the nuances that are associated with the development of the company and the sales structure is obtaining all the necessary without exception, to exit the market sector of certificates. Seizure of anything of the market is able to start with this. TTSI shines more light on the discussion. […]

How Much Is The Registration Of A Trademark ?

Without the trademark (also known brand) modern business is impossible! When a company comes to the leadership of this obvious idea, the question inevitably arises: ‘How much is the registration trademark? ” Find the answer to this question in the average charge of a staff lawyer or a pr Manager. However, without knowledge of the […]

On Income Tax

In this situation the hotel can be either one contract clearly separate the relationship and financial conditions of the contract of compensated rendering of services and commissions, or make two agreements (the latter, in our opinion, is preferable). In addition, in order to avoid disputes situations with the regulatory authorities should be made to the […]

Embroidery Logos: Original Equipment

Creating an original and memorable promotional items – not an easy job. One of the most popular ways of decorating textile souvenirs – embroidered logos. With it you can put the picture on shirts, caps, towels, or any fabric. Embroidery logos get a very beautiful and durable, and promotional products is becoming more prestigious and […]

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