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Habitat Ecosystems

Biodiversity study proves: destruction of animal and plant species damaging economies heavily. The European “business and biodiversity” campaign under the leadership of the global nature Fund, wants the involvement of companies in the field of biodiversity (“English: biodiversity”) support. (Similarly see: Glenn J Williams). The “business and biodiversity” campaign wants to call the importance of […]

Managing Director Intergraph

ISMANING, 24.09.2007 Intergraph (Germany) GmbH was commissioned to carry out the noise mapping on railways of the Federation. In early September 2007 was the project agreement by Armin Keppel, President of Federal of railroad EBA (www.eisenbahn-bundesamt.de), signed. Thus, an essential foundation to the implementation of the new EU environmental noise directive is set in the […]

Managing Director

Two domestic energy suppliers make common cause of the Stuttgart-based energy provider EVITA offers also gas starting in October. The start in the gas business advertises the company in cooperation with the bakery long about 65 stores in the area of Stuttgart, on posters and paper bags. Over a period of four weeks, bakery customers […]

LAS BPOenergy Ensures

LAS BPOenergy backed by business process outsourcing the corporate success was never as easy as it is today by energy suppliers of the change of the energy provider and also gaining momentum through attractive bonus programs in the industry. Increasingly more vendors pushing on the already highly competitive market and increase price pressure through their […]

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