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Federal State Unitary Enterprise

Installing the printing of two-dimensional bar code PDF417 in 1C 8.2 Two-dimensional bar codes – symbolic, designed to encode a large amount of information (up to several pages of text). This code is read using special scanner and allows you to quickly and accurately read information from the documents. This is done to improve the […]

Network Software Solutions

Now Any information, whether sensitive or not, without delay, reach the right people to you. You can also automatically request a read report warning to be sure that the recipient reads it, and not just clicks on the “OK.” With alerts, you can send letters to each user MyChat! Automatic contact list MyChat can automatically […]

Private Networks

Implementation of the program "Electronic Russia", similar programs in the ministries and departments requires the construction of secure virtual private networks, (ZVKS) and the active use of public networks, particularly part of the Internet as a transport medium. However, the main threat to security when they connect to the Internet is the potential for penetration […]

Evolution Of OS For Netbooks

The need for a special OS for netbooks was raised at the time of formation of this class of mobile PCs. The reason was the low productivity of the first members of this family – a series of ASUS Eee PC 701 – and practically impossible "fine-tuning Windows-systems under their capabilities. Initial netbooks, we recall, […]

Polisson Work

In addition, maintaining the customer base allows us to develop and implement a system of loyalty and, therefore, to transform your casual customers into permanent. The advantages of automated customer service valued leadership Moscow store Polisson. The store offers a wide range Polisson children's clothing. To raise the level of interaction with customers shop took […]

Electronic Arts

For three decades, Nintendo gave the lives of hundreds of memorable video games with characters that are known around the world and have a cult status. Nintendo Wii not only provides a new meeting with Mario, Link, Semus, Kirby and other famous heroes Nintendo. On the Wii you can play games from such world famous […]

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